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Name: Eldritch Greene
Species (Naro or Krishi Subtype): Krishi, Aviar
Age(Child, Adolescent, Adult): Adolescent
Pronouns: she/her
Sexuality: pansexual

Appearance: a bright blue color at the base, with striking green tips on her feathers and pink along her stomach. Her eyes are a deep golden color. She has a tuft behind her head with solid blue feathers, and it often spikes when she's frightened. She glows a soft pink color when she gets overwhelmed, as she has little control over her glow and can just barely keep herself from glowing on a normal basis.

Personality: kind, scary when angry, often gives off the vibe that she knows something you don't even when she doesn't. Eld tends to come off as a lot meaner than she actually is upon first meeting her, and often struggles to make friends. She doesn't pick up social ques very easily and tends to miss jokes and references

Strengths :
  • logical to a fault
  • good at strategy
  • learns quickly
  • too trusting
  • social expectations confuse her
  • attachment/abandonment issues
  • being abandoned
  • fire
  • bugs
Backstory: Eld was raised in the Lawless lands (?). She was meant to be trained to fight against the groups, as her father saw them as tyrannical and dangerous. However, once she began to show signs of being different & didn't match what he wanted, she was told to leave.
Eld wandered for a few weeks before coming across the groups. Silvestria welcomed her in with open arms, and there she began to understand and appreciate how her mind worked different than others. They valued her unique perspective, and she appreciated their acceptance and care for her.
A fierce loyalty set in, and soon she found herself forgetting almost completely about her origins. However, scars stick around, and after a bit her abandonment issues became evident.

Spells: must be purchased
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Awesome!! Looks good to me. Could you just link this thread in your signature? You can also replace "trait one" "trait two" "trait three" with the traits themselves within the

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brackets so they show up on the bullets, but that's less important.
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